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Wehelpwithassignments’ services include essay, dissertation, assignment etc. But you can get these services in best quality. you will find a lot of grammatical and semantic mistakes in their writings. Besides, references and citations are unauthentic, and not up to standard marks. Also, their services do not include any revision once the work is submitted to clients.

For Students:

Students will get the worst quality and copywriting. The company do not bother to check writing on ‘Turnitin’ for plagiarism detections. It is delivered without any check. Students will rally disappointed from this company services. They should not even try to visit this company.


The company without any calculated pricing system cannot be trusted. These types of firm only aim are to loot you. There is no pricing page on this company site. Besides, no discount is offered by them. Moreover, it has been reported by past customers of this company that they will threaten to approach their universities by this company, as they have asked for a refund. So, blackmailing is its basic work.

Customer Support

They are very sweet and talkative before placing order. But once the order is placed, you will not get any reply from them. They block you if you criticize their services. So, be careful when dealing with this company.


As we did not find any good aspect of this firm, we urge you to not avail the services of this company. They are blackmailers and scammers. Their only aim is to make money with fake services.


They deliver plagiarized services to their customers. they cheat you despite paying them high. Therefore, we do not recommend them.

User Reviews

“They don’t tell you the prices because they are expensive. I was unfortunate enough to choose this service by a random decision. They charged over $100 for a paper of two pages. The deadline was five days. So, the prices are way more expensive than you expect. My paper was okay, but it wasn’t anything special for this money.”

By Scarlett

“Don’t use this service! They give high prices. I’ve used other services that deliver better papers and they are cheaper.”

By Kian