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You may find almost all subjects’ essay and assignment services with There are given a wide range of discipline on this company site. But you cannot find any expert writer with this company. They are all freelancer and high school students. Their writing services contain high instances of plagiarism and stolen content. Furthermore, the revision option is not available with this firm. Their promises are fake, and deliver services are worst.

For Students:

The students cannot get any help from this firm. Their grades may seriously effect by using this company services. Besides, they are not left with either option of revision or refund in case of getting wrong and mistaken writings.


You will experience high prices and low-quality products while using this firm. they charge you around $300 for 10 pages essay. You may also see discount schemes on the company site, but those schemes are not real. Those discounts are only given on-site to trap you. Once you are trapped you will not find any discount. Thus, the company deceives its customers.

Customer Support

Customer support is a very important service any firm has. However, do not take care of its customers. You will really disappointed by the support team of this company. They do not refund and revise anything for you. Contrary to this you will be threatened by them to approach your organization if you try to ask for a refund.


So, overall urgentessays cannot be trusted for its services. The worst quality work is delivered by them at high prices. Besides, your grades may seriously affect if they approach your university. So, it is our nice advice to avoid this company and find some other for your writing needs.


This rated at 1/5. Their services and practices look like a scam. that’s why we do not recommend them for you.

User Reviews

“I’ve read a few positive reviews about online. I guess those were fake. They say the writers are great. But the work I got was ridiculous. Your review is closer to my experience, so I had to comment because I think it’s the only fair review.”

By Danielle

“This service promises that you can talk to the writer. That wasn’t the case. Once I chose my writer he never responded to my queries. I didn’t get any updates. I was relieved when I received the essay by my deadline. But then I was mad when I realized that it was something completely different from what I was looking for. The writer did not follow any of my instructions. He wrote what he liked to write at the moment.”

By Tom