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Services is designed to assist students with essay writing services in every sphere of academic fields. They claimed to have a well-qualified staff and best support system team for assistance but after analyzing their performance we do not suggest this company due to their illegal activities.

For Students

UK writings offer essay writing on custom demands according to the UK writings system. This company is a fraud in what they mentioned on their webpage. Students find many complexities and difficulties when they use this service.


UK writers claim that they have very cheap prices for students but after viewing their price chart we came to know that the CHEAPEST word is just only a show-off, $41.12 for 1-page words count 250 in 3 hours. This is highly expensive students cannot afford this.

Customer Support

This is only a wastage of money and time if you are using this company because their performance is not high like their prices. The support system team is not efficient and unable to facilitate buyers. If students want any modification in the running order they do not cooperate with them.

Conclusion highly disappointed us with the service, work, and support they provide. We do not recommend Uk Writings for your education system.


The results are horrible about UK writers, they are using people for their advantage, lust and money. If students want a refund in any unfortunate situation UK writers do not offer it. They are scamming you and start threatening you if you demand a refund.



"They never refund although first assignment had been written in another topic as requested and got 10 and second assignment got 20% twice. They only give you cheap solutions like discounts for future orders or features that do not matter. PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS WEBSITE AND INFORM AS MANY PEOPLE AS YOU CAN. I am gonna step up legally against this fraudulent and amateur company because they keep fooling me with cheap solutions."


"I requested a paper and when it was delivered the questions were answered incorrectly. I asked for a revision which was returned late and the answers were still wrong. I asked for the order to be stopped and asked for a refund as at this point the paper was 7 days late and they are refusing to return my money. I have an incorrect paper, they’ve taken my money and their customer service team is horrible. According to their team the paper meets their standards. They are completely disregarding my revision requests to correct the answers or give me a refund. It’s been a very frustrating experience. I wouldn’t recommend this service to anyone."


"We have been in contact, what you are offering is a discount on a future order! I won't do that, how in the earth I will place a new order? you need to refund my money, I Will keep posting reviews on every website until you realized you didn't provide a real service! Be real! Scams!"


Awful service from company based in Cyprus - DO NOT TRUST


The company provided me a dreadful service. Offers an 18 hour service, then extends to 24 hours, then asks for 2-3 more days and says 'Ask your professor for more time' POOR service - I would strongly recommend everyone who even thinks about using them, goes the other way.


DO NOT USE IT'S A SCAM. I should have listened to the reviews that reviewed them so badly! Ordered quite a few assignments from them received my grades back recently for these orders and guess what? I failed! Absolute joke, they claim to give you the 'high quality paper's no they don't at all. I failed two modules and received a D in the other. When asked for a refund after showing proof they failed me they said no because it's our decision to hand in the work as out own. But doesn't that defeat the point of these sort of websites that they produce the work for you to submit? Instead they gave me a 10% discount of my next order like I'm really going to order again after taking all my money for stupid ridiculous grades they have no idea what they're doing apart from taking people's money.. You should all be ashamed of yourselves and the impacts it has on students who trust in you. A JOKE SO DONT USE. pathetic.


"Honestly awful! I shouldn't have ever tried to pay someone to write my essay but I was in a rush and stupidly trusted all the fake good reviews UKwritings scattered over the internet. I asked them for a paper in 12 hours and they sent me a paper covering a completely different subject area and did not follow the instructions I sent them at all upon purchase. They're very slow to get back to me and ignores my requests for a refund. Please never purchase anything from this company and do NOT trust them at all costs!"


It is a pure scam. They pretend that they are able to write academic assignments but in fact, they are writing only poor high school essay. This website is not for academic purposes. For 300 quid I had to find all the data for the assignment which they didn't bother to use. I had to send it for revision lots of times and still didn't got what I asked for. When I asked for a refund, they offered to give me only 3%. Don't waste your money and time. Grammatical and structural errors, had to correct them in every paragraph. 300 quid...


"I have asked for a document without primary data; after being treated highly unrespected, the writer informed the topic didn't have many secondary data and created a document with fake primary data. When I requested a revision of the work, the customer service team suggested a new work with charges. Do not ever try this service, you will regret!!! Almost £500 in the bin"


They are not following proper grammatical structure and lack of quality of products is poor.