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Overall, this firm is not recommended by us. They are fake and fraud. Their location is not real. They only use UK name for trapping you, otherwise, they are operating from some remote part of India. so, try to avoid them.

For Students:

The company is involved in fake and scam practices. Their work quality is worst and revision is not offered after submission. There is nothing beneficial for students with them.


Sample essay of 10 pages within 24 hours delivery time will cost you $260. Does it make any sense for the worst quality materials? Never! They are just looting you for their scams. They do not want to serve you, but to loot you.

Customer Support

They have a sluggish staff of customer care. Mostly, they do not reply to you about your questions. They also do not bother to help you. Their attitude is stubborn. They do not have ethics of dealing with customers. Contrary to help, they blackmail you to approach your university in case of demanding your money back.


We concluded from the above points that treateassignment is not reliable to be worked with. We do not recommend them to our viewers and readers. They are scammers and blackmailers. They should be avoided at all cost.


We rate them 1/5. The reason for not recommendation is its scams and frauds. They deceive you with their fake materials.