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Services is also one of the writing firms. Nevertheless, it is one of the worst companies we ever came across. Their writers are students and working with them part-time as a freelancer. They cannot handle your assignment. Moreover, they do not use Turnitin for plagiarism checking, therefore their work contains high instances of stolen content. Furthermore, due to the lack of quality writers, they resell papers.

For Students:

There is nothing good for students with this company, not discount nor revision. They do not revise submission. The reason for not offering revision is that they are scammers. They are not here for serving you. Their basic aim is to loot you.


As their basic goal is to make more money, they have set high pricing rates. You will be charged in hundred of dollars for nothing, but faulty writings. Moreover, they are working without providing physical address and privacy policy. The firm without privacy policy is always a risk for your financial information.

Customer Support

Customer care is an important aspect of any company for developing trust. But this company lack a good and real customer support system. Because the agents are using fake names and profiles. They get angry and impolite after order submission. Also, you will be threatened by them to approach your institution if you asked them for revision.


Overall, we do not recommend this company to you. They are scammers. The basic issue with this firm is not providing physical address and privacy policy. So, it will be better for you to find some other services that may help you perfectly.


They can never satisfy you with their writings. your grades may seriously affect by using their services. We do not recommend them to you.

User Reviews

“I paid £900 and received no service and see my review on other sites as TrustPilot will take this down if I list exactly the treatment received. All reviews the same”

By Sl lawless

“the referencing and the general structure bad. The writer didn't cooperate in checking the reference list properly. All information I've to send were neglected, the citation was inappropriate. The sources not used. The Harvard referencing guide not used . all my notes were ignored, or just dealt with poorly. Like replacing the citation with another new without kinking it to the topic.”

By enzyme

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