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Services claims to offer you all type of writing services. However, it is not a trustworthy company. They have agents with fake Facebook and WhatsApp profiles. They approach you and talk to you very sweetly for trapping you to place an order with them. Once the order is placed, you will really regret your decision. They have professional writers who have no experience in quality writing. To work with the firm is a waste of time and money.

For Students:

Students are the people who always need help with their writings. But to find a good writing service is not an easy task. Can the help them? Our investigation is not in favour of this firm. Because they do not use Turnitin. They use some cheap software. Besides, after submission, no revision is done by them.


They charge you highly for nothing but copied and stolen writing materials. Their pricing rates vary from service to service. For example, the basic price they charge for 10 pages essay of high school is $230 while the same quantity essay for college level will charge you $300. This makes no sense for fake services.

Customer Support

The customer support system of them is also not trustworthy. They threaten the customer to contact their university if they ask them for a refund. You will be entangled in serious problems if they do such a thing in reality. You may be terminated from the university. So, try to avoid this company.


Overall, we do not recommend Proofers to you. This is scam firm which sells you only frauds. They are working illegally from some remote area of India. You cannot take this firm to court in case of any dispute. So, it will be better to even do not visit this company site.


This is the company which is working for looting and cheating customers. This is not worth to be worked with.

User Reviews

“The writer was three hours late with my paper! It was not that serious this time since I ordered it ahead because I did not know how the service works, but I would be very irritated if this happened and I gave them the real deadline!”

By smith

“The papers are not that bad, but I could get better quality service for the price I am paying here.”

By Thomas Shepard