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Services offers proofreading, assignment writing, essay, dissertation and homework. Nevertheless, their services can satisfy you with good materials. Its writers cannot handle your assignment because they are not qualified and professional. Your assignment will contain a lot of errors from morphology to formats. Also, they are involved in reselling of papers. In addition to this, they do not use Turnitin. They use some cheap software.

For Students:

Students can not get any advantage from this scam firm. Their agents use fake profiles names to approach you. But, once you are trapped in their net you will really regret your decision. Your paper will be faulty, incomplete and irrelevant. Moreover, after submission, they do not revise.


Their prices depend on various kind of writing types and formats. For example, high school essay of 10 pages will cost you in $250. This is more than high when comparing to other writing firms. so, economically they are also worst.

Customer Support

Its customer care system is not good. They can only be contacted via live chat, but it is very slow. Also, they do not possess any moral ethics. Abusive and impolite language is their hobby in case of criticizing them. Moreover, the past customer has complained that they were threatened by this firm team when they demanded a refund as the work quality was worst.


Overall, this firm is not recommended by us. They are fake and fraud. Their location is not real. They only use UK name for trapping you, otherwise, they are operating from some remote part of India. so, try to avoid them.


So, no aspect of this company is good. Their activities look like scams. They cannot be trusted.

User Reviews

“The writer was three hours late with my paper! It was not that serious this time since I ordered it ahead because I did not know how the service works, but I would be very irritated if this happened and I gave them the real deadline!”

By smith

“The papers are not that bad, but I could get better quality service for the price I am paying here.”

By Thomas Shepard