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Services claims to offer all kind of writing services. Their services list include essay, research, dissertation, thesis etc. But whether their writer can handle your assignment or not? We investigated and exposed that their writers are not qualified. They are college-level students and working past time as a freelancer. They cannot handle even high school level essay. Furthermore, the company work contains plagiarism as they do not use Turnitin. They use some cheap software.

For Students:

Phdassistance cannot be trusted because their writers are inexperienced. Their writing is completely faulty. Moreover, the student cannot get revision from them once the work is submitted. This is not a good choice for student needs.


The past customers of this company are not happy with its pricing rates as they charged them very highly. They have complained that the company charged them around $320 for 10 pages essay of high school. This makes no sense for low-quality services.

Customer Support

The customer support system of this company has also a bad reputation. They are famous for the impolite language. They blackmail and threaten you to approach your institution if you ask them for a refund. This can create a serious issue for you. You can be terminated from the university if they contact them. So, never try to use this company for your writing needs.


The company site cannot be accessed via any trusted web browser. When we tried to visit it, we were told that its site is not secure, and your information can be stolen from this site. This type of site steals your personal and financial information. You can entangle in serious problems. So, we do not recommend this company for writings, even for visiting its site.


We rate them 0/5 based on the above analysis. They are blackmailers, scammers and frauds. There is no good quality of this company.

User Reviews

“This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. After placing my order, I was shocked that the order has been transferred to another company called “tutorsindia”. They did not say that to me when I placed the order, they are just writing on their website without clarifying who will write the work. That was too bad. When I received the file, it was full of mistakes as it had nothing to do with my requirements. They did not follow my requirements and the instructions that I have sent them. It was very clear that they are not professional at all. I then asked them for a revision, but they kept procrastinating all the time and they delivered the file after the deadline has passed. And when I was sending them emails; they were not responding to me or they were very slow in responding which caused me a lot of confusing, and when they submitted the last file it was not as agreed. Still has lots of mistakes and errors. Can you imagine that when I asked for a refund, they started threatening me that they will communicate with my university and inform it that I have used their services??!! In total, my experience with them was so bad.”

By James

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