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Oxbridge Essays presents itself as a beacon of academic excellence, promising to connect clients with top-tier writers capable of producing stellar work. However, this promise is nothing more than a facade, concealing the stark reality of the company's incompetence and untrustworthiness. Contrary to their assertions, the writers employed by Oxbridge Essays are sorely lacking in qualifications and expertise, producing work that is substandard and riddled with errors. Far from enhancing clients' academic standing, the quality of their writing often has a detrimental effect on grades, leading to disappointment and frustration. Moreover, the lack of trustworthiness exhibited by Oxbridge Essays further compounds the issue, leaving clients feeling deceived and betrayed. In this scathing review, we shed light on the true nature of Oxbridge Essays, exposing them for the unreliable and unscrupulous company that they are. It is imperative that students seeking academic assistance look elsewhere for reliable and reputable services, as Oxbridge Essays is far from deserving of their trust or patronage.


Oxbridge Essays presents a façade of comprehensive services on its official website, boasting of a wide array of offerings and making bold claims of free delivery and unlimited revisions. However, the reality behind these assertions is far from the truth. While Oxbridge Essays purports to provide prompt delivery and the opportunity for clients to request revisions as needed, these promises are consistently unfulfilled. Customers frequently experience significant delays in the delivery of their orders, undermining the company's pledge of timely service. Furthermore, despite assurances of unlimited revisions, Oxbridge Essays fails to honor this commitment once work has been submitted. Clients are left stranded with subpar results and no recourse for improvement, rendering Oxbridge Essays' claims of free delivery and unlimited revisions nothing more than empty promises. This blatant discrepancy between the company's advertised services and their actual delivery further erodes trust and confidence in Oxbridge Essays, revealing them to be deceitful and unreliable. In light of these shortcomings, individuals would be wise to steer clear of Oxbridge Essays and seek out more reputable and trustworthy alternatives for their academic needs.

For Students

Students who engage with this company are in for a world of disappointment and frustration. Not only are discounts nonexistent, but the work they receive is riddled with errors and deficiencies. From disorganization to blatant plagiarism, the quality of the content is shockingly poor. References, formats, and citations are haphazardly structured, further exacerbating the problem. Even more disheartening is the lack of opportunity for revision after work submission, leaving students stranded with subpar results and no chance for improvement. It's clear that this company prioritizes profit over the academic success of its clients, showing a blatant disregard for integrity and professionalism. For students seeking reliable and high-quality assistance, this company is nothing short of a nightmare. They would be far better off exploring alternative options that prioritize quality, transparency, and customer satisfaction.


Oxbridge Essays is notorious for its exorbitant pricing, charging customers extraordinary rates that far exceed industry standards. Despite these sky-high prices, the quality of service provided by Oxbridge Essays is abysmally poor, failing to justify the steep cost. Clients who invest in Oxbridge Essays' services are often left feeling deeply disappointed and disillusioned by the company's fake promises and lackluster performance. Rather than delivering the high-quality work they claim to provide, Oxbridge Essays consistently falls short, leaving customers with subpar results that do not meet their expectations. The vast disparity between the exorbitant prices charged by Oxbridge Essays and the dismal quality of service they deliver is a clear indication of the company's unscrupulous practices and disregard for customer satisfaction. In conclusion, individuals considering utilizing Oxbridge Essays' services should proceed with extreme caution, as they are likely to be met with disappointment and regret for entrusting their academic needs to such a deceptive and unreliable company.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer care services, Oxbridge Essays falls short in every aspect, proving to be a colossal waste of time for clients seeking assistance. Their website provides little to no information regarding their customer care services, leaving clients in the dark about what level of support they can expect. The lack of transparency regarding customer care policies is a major red flag and raises serious doubts about Oxbridge Essays' commitment to providing satisfactory assistance. Furthermore, the company offers only a live chat option for communication, which is woefully inadequate for addressing complex queries or concerns. Clients are left frustrated and stranded, unable to access the assistance they need through more conventional means such as email or phone support. The absence of comprehensive customer care services demonstrates Oxbridge Essays' disregard for the needs and concerns of its clients, further cementing its reputation as an unreliable and untrustworthy entity. In conclusion, individuals seeking academic assistance should steer clear of Oxbridge Essays and opt for more reputable and communicative service providers to avoid unnecessary frustration and disappointment.


Oxbridge Essays presents itself as a reputable academic assistance provider, but in reality, it operates as a fraudulent entity. Despite their claims of being a UK-based company, a closer examination reveals that Oxbridge Essays lacks transparency regarding their physical location. Their website conveniently omits any mention of a physical address, raising suspicions about their legitimacy. Our investigation uncovered that Oxbridge Essays is actually based in India, a fact that starkly contradicts their portrayal as a UK-based enterprise. This deliberate misrepresentation of their location is a clear indication of Oxbridge Essays' deceptive practices and lack of integrity. Given their penchant for deception and their failure to provide accurate information to clients, we strongly advise against engaging with Oxbridge Essays. It's evident that they cannot be trusted to deliver on their promises, making them an unreliable and unscrupulous choice for anyone seeking academic assistance. Steer clear of Oxbridge Essays to avoid falling victim to their deceitful tactics and protect yourself from potential harm and disappointment.


Oxbridge Essays exhibits a plethora of concerning practices that mirror those of fraudulent schemes. Their operations are riddled with red flags that point to potential scamming tactics. From exaggerated claims to deceptive advertising, Oxbridge Essays fails to instill trust in its customers. Their lack of transparency and accountability further exacerbates the issue, leaving clients in the dark about the true nature of their services. With numerous reports of unsatisfactory experiences and suspicions of unethical conduct, it's clear that Oxbridge Essays cannot be deemed trustworthy. As such, we vehemently advise against engaging with this company. Instead, individuals seeking academic assistance should explore reputable and reliable alternatives to avoid falling victim to potential scams and ensure their academic success is in safe hands. In conclusion, Oxbridge Essays' dubious practices and lack of trustworthiness make them a risky choice for anyone seeking assistance with their academic endeavors.



They are very expensive and the quality of service they provide is average. I’ve got my paper in time but half of it was plagiarized and other looked like a Google Translate from another language


The final draft of my PhD thesis was still full of spelling mistakes, they have missed up with my original data and I have to redo and adjust most of them again. Customer service was unreliable.


I started working for this company, but quit when I learned the inner workings of their business. They say they produce "model example essays" but this is simply a cover-up. Behind the scenes, there is a sophisticated platform where writers bid to complete students' essays and dissertations. When "alterations requests" come back, there is a thinly-disguised attempt by the staff members to conceal the fact that they are tutors' comments, purporting to come from the customer themselves.There is a 'don't ask don't tell' policy at the company where everyone acts as though the services are legitimate, hidden behind the facade of their terms and conditions. Companies like this devalue education. Don't be fooled.


On the one hand, they`ve done everything, on the other one - they failed all the deadline. I jut don't need my work to be done a week after finals! I`ve put in a lot of time in conversation with support, but they kept telling-wait, wait, wait...To make everything on the time, I had to apply to another resource- as far as I remember. At least, they didn't let me down


This site mentions a customer care number which says that they are open 24 hours. I had taken my oxbridge essays from them. But there were parts missing in the final copy. So I tried to call them. But no one responded. I warn you all not to get your work done from this site as you will get no service later.


I gave them my dissertation to do and also paid the full amount as per their request. They made false promise that they will give me a perfect dissertation. But when I got it many things were missing which when complained were denied and they said that that would attract extra charges if those things are needed.


Never give them any assignment to do. oxbridgeessays will never do it for you and even if they do you will not get what you want. I have the same experience and so I am warning. I do not want anyone to waste money like I did by giving them to write and getting a horrendous paper.


I got this site to write my essay and when I get it I was surprised to see that the paper did not meet my word count neither near to it. I tried to contact customer care service and they are only saying that they are looking into the matter to see what actually had happened. They are not even a bit interested to look into matter.


"Cheater come and learn from them. Big congrats to you for such cheating on people. And thank you for cheating on me. You take money from me, confirm it and instantly block my number. Called you from my another number and you blocked me there too. Just wow. You guys should be shamed. I'm waiting for my assignment till now!"


We don't recommend this company for your essay writing service as a result of them not being economical to present your smart services. They pretend and everyone is a fraud. You must bear in mind those fraud writers.