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Very poor- and low-quality services are provided by Their claims are fake. you cannot get quality service from them, as their writers are unprofessional. Their writings are completely faulty. The references, citation and formats are not up to standard marks. Furthermore, past customers have reported high instances of plagiarism in their writing.

For Students:

For students, they have nothing good. There is no discount and revision are provided to them. Once the work is submitted by them, you will not find any option of revision at their site. They also charge students highly.


The fake company prices are always high because its only aim is to make money. Their basic price for 2 pages essay of high school starts from $25. This high price makes no sense for the low quality of services. Despite paying them such high prices, you will receive faulty work.

Customer Support

Its agents’ names and the location address are fake. The company with fake address and agents cannot be trusted because it is unregistered, and the unregistered company cannot be taken to court in case of any fraud or dispute.


We concluded, that a company with such a bad reputation should not be availed for writing purposes. We do not recommend a company like this one. You should find some good writing firm for your writing needs.


This is an unregistered company which you cannot take to court. Everything regarding this company is fake. Therefore, we do not recommend them.

User Reviews

“ disappointed me. I knew something was shady when I saw the gimmicky website. But I still ordered a paper and the results were miserable. Yes, I chose College level. But this was on the level of a pupil who doesn’t know how to write yet.”

By Daniel Vincent

“The prices are high for the content you’re getting! I don’t recommend this company to anyone.”

By Pollard