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Gloablaprojectshelp agents use fake profiles to approach you for selling their scam services. They are not European. They are Asian and operating from some remote part of India. Its writer’s qualification is also unknown as no proof is given on the site. You will receive faulty writing from them.

For Students:

The high rate of plagiarism is found in their work. You cannot submit their work at university. They do not check-writing on Turnitin before delivery. They use some cheap software. Besides, they do not revise work submission.


Globalprojectshelp has inflated price’s rates. Also, no discount is available for you with them. their prices are 10 times higher comparing to other firms. However, despite charging you high, they cannot satisfy you.

Customer Support

When it comes to customer care, they have a bad reputation. They threaten customers who demand their money back for bad quality work. They blackmail you to contact your university. This is a matter of seriousness as you can be terminated from the institution.


It is concluded, that this scam firm should not be used for writings. All of their activities are frauds. We do not recommend them. You will be regret to use this company.


We rate them 0/5, because of its fake practices. They are unregistered and you cannot take them to court in case of any dispute.

User Reviews

This company is a fraud. This company does not get you the grades you pay them to get you. They lie to and cheat their customers. They will approach you from Facebook, WeChat and Skype. Using Fake Facebook profiles. Fake Phone number from SKYPE. You pay a lot of money for nothing. It is a waste of time and money. The company also does not take responsibility for their wrongdoings such as lying to their customers. Please have a look and do not get involved with them. They steal your money.

By Olivia Lawrence

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My order was an essay of a high school academic level in two weeks. The price that they had given me was $40 per page which looked quite affordable to me. Sadly, my expectations weren`t really met. They didn`t complete my bibliography page and didn`t illustrate the real purpose of the summary page. The main problem wasn`t well described as well. Thus, it left me there thinking like: what did I pay for? What was I thinking of when I did it? At least, they made a free revision and rewrote the paper that they messed up with.


Political Science isn`t their best side. At least, they know the importance of fast delivery and they perform it without any hesitation. However, the quality is kind a weak and the price that they ask isn`t substantial if you compare it with the final results. It`s like a candy with an expired date that you crave to eat.


An impressively awful place for paper help. No matter what kind of a paper you order - you will not get a nice one. From my experience: I ordered two completely different papers (an essay and a one page summary for a dissertation). With a different timing, they both failed to be well-written. I`m disappointed as I had placed too much trust in them without any real outcome. My friends, I truly do not recommend their services.


Absolutely unprofessional and careless writers who complete the tasks at the last moment apparently with their eyes closed. Since I have no other explanations why there were so many silly mistakes in my essay. I asked if it was possible to edit it as I couldn`t submit such a poorly written work but the support service demanded additional fees for that. Unacceptable!


I believe I paid enough to demand a well-written essay without at least grammar mistakes and typos. But it seems an insurmountable task for this writing company. What I got is a poorly-written text with no conclusion at all, without a proper list of authors cited or any kind of formatting.


They are cheap and simple, do just fine for high school assignments and for uncomplicated but bulky college essays. However, you have to monitor their working progress as they tend to stretch deadlines.


A globalprojects is built on the basis of disparity and fear. I guess these are the traits this company had in mind when chose the name. They messed up my order and spoke in a rude voice to me. I will never order here again!


I wish they paid more attention to the features which are important to the customer. I needed an extended conclusion with a few bullet-points. And the writer completely ignored all my requirements delivering a poorly-written essay without formatting or structure. Not what you expect if you pay a hundred dollars for an essay.


Nice try but no. Horrible service with ignorant writers who`ve never heard about grammar rules, unfriendly support staff and late delivery. Next time I`ll read other customers` testimonials more carefully before ordering.


Their money back guarantee is a total lie. If they tell you that refund is possible, there’s a slim chance that you’ll actually get it. When they send the order for evaluation, they will write whatever it is needed to make the paper look good, while it’s actually horrible.