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Services provides writing offers with perfection and exceptional quality on different academic topics but in reality, they are unable to provide one single writing service with perfection.

For Students

The service of the site is unspeakable because customers find great trouble in order placement. The projects they deliver are unstructured and do not contain any fresh theme because the writers are unprofessional and incapable of creating even one single sentence with the correct structure.


The charges of the essay services are exceptional and expensive at the same time. The students are wasting money on these unlearned writers who never provide a good project but are busy in making dollars and spoiling the future of innocent students.

Customer Support

The company trust is very crucial for any business but this site never bothers this key because the Customessays Company has no customer support and doesn't have any guarantee of time, money, content, and orders. A good relationship with customers is nothing for them due to their lust for money.


A wise decision is to not use Customessays Company. We totally denied the services of the site for your academics. By using these offers you are making your future dark.


The reviews of are not satisfactory because they are doing illegal activities and are scamming the innocent students for advantage.