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Basic services of courseworkempire include coursework and assignment writing. They claim to have professionals and expert writers. Nevertheless, the claims are fake as the sample provided on its site contain a lot of lexical and syntactical mistakes. Besides, references list, citation, and formats are wrong. Also, even the given samples were plagiarized when we checked them on ‘Turnitin’. So, the company does not use ‘Turnitin’. They use some cheap software.

For Students:

So, as the quality of services is worst, you will not happy with this company. Despite bad quality work, no revision is offered by them to you once the order is submitted. So, a company with such bad quality is not reliable for students.


They also promise low prices and discount schemes. Nevertheless, the promises are fake because the basic price of this company starts from $23 for two pages essay. Also, concretely no discount is given to you.

Customer Support

When it comes to the customer support system of courseworkempire, we found it one of the bad companies. They threaten you to get in touch with your university in case of demanding a refund. So, blackmailing is a basic profession of this company.


Courseworkempire is not in our recommendation list. The basic reason for not recommendation is blackmailing activities of the firm. you may entangle in serious problems while dealing with this company. So, we urge you to not use this company for your writing needs.


As a whole, we rate them 1/5. They cannot handle your needs. They do not follow customers’ instructions.

User Reviews

“I went to for two assignments, cost me a lot of money, on the website it says 50% but they demanded the full amount, anyway my first assignment was rejected by my tutor as all wrong, so I did the work myself although I paid them $90, I had the time off and I reworked it. My mistake was going to them for a second time, as usual, the assignment was rejected, and they didn’t even do half the questions, so I gave it back to them and it was wrong again.”

By Rada

“Worse company ever, work worth F, I was asked to rework, but they gave me “excuses”. Don’t trust this company!!!’

By Samuel