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What kind of services are offered by unknown? There is no separate services page at this company site. You can get an idea regarding the products of this firm. So, the firm with the ambiguous and faulty site cannot be trusted. Its writers are also fake. They are not UK based. They hire a freelancer from Asian countries; therefore, you will see a lot of grammatical mistakes in their writings.

For Students:

On the main page, they promise to provide you with materials that will get you high grades. But our investigation of this company shows that these are all fake promises, only giving for looting students. This is not the best firm for students.


Also, you will not find any calculated pricing scheme on Buyessay website. Keeping pricing rates confidential means that you will be charged in hundreds of dollars for high school essay. Moreover, they promise to facilitate you with a refund in case of bad qualities. But it is also a fake promise because many past customers have reported that no refund was provided to them despite the bad quality of writings.

Customer Support

They only provide a live chat option for contacting them which is not very responsive. Their response rate is zero as we get a reply after two days from its customer support team. Besides, they do not answer you if a refund is asked from them. So, a company with such bad qualities cannot be reliable for getting its services.


From the above points, we conclude that this company should not be used for writing needs. We do not recommend buyessay to our viewers and readers. There is nothing good all about this company. You should find some other services for your writing needs.


They cannot asset you in your writing needs. They are just money-making machines. We don’t recommend them.

User Reviews

“I did not like the essay this service delivered. It contained no mistakes and the price was good but was definitely not an A grade paper.”

By Gill

“Horrible service and even worse content. I received a bad research paper. For a research paper, the most important thing is the references. In my paper, there were only a few and they were such a mess, I did not know how to fix it.”

By Olivia