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Its services list is very limited. You cannot get benefit from this company throughout your education career. Despite limited services, their quality is worst. Our investigation revealed that their writing contains plagiarism around 63%. They do not use Turnitin for plagiarism checking.

For Students:

As its writers are scammers, students’ grades are seriously affected by their services. They delivered faulty work to customers which cannot be accepted at university. Also, you cannot get any revision and refund from them. So, the student should avoid this company.


Their prices are ambiguous as no calculated system is given on its site. They charge you once the order is place. Therefore, their rates are high, reported by past customers. You will also not get any discount from them.

Customer Support

Agents of this website, use fake names. They talk to you very sweetly before placing order. Nevertheless, once the order is placed, you will not see the print of their agents’ foot. They do not bother to reply to you even. They block you while questioning their work.


It is concluded, that they are scammers. This is not a trustworthy company. They do not have any privacy policy, which means that your personal and financial information can be stolen from its site. So, nothing is more important than personal safety. Therefore, we do not recommend this company.


We rate them 0/5. Because they can entangle you in serious problems. They are working without privacy policy which Is a sign of fraud.

User Reviews

“ disappointed me. I knew something was shady when I saw the gimmicky website. But I still ordered a paper and the results were miserable. Yes, I chose College level. But this was on the level of a pupil who doesn’t know how to write yet.”

By Jhon

“The prices are high for the content you’re getting! I don’t recommend this company to anyone.”

By Rabica



I needed a proofreading super urgently and despite the quantity of pages, the support agent assured me they could do it on time. Well, they didn't. An hour before the deadline they called me and after a dozen of apologies put me to the fact that they couldn't complete the task. As a result, I had to turn the paper in the next day and lost points.


I was delighted to read their aggressive-unserious description on the main page, laughed a lot and decided to order. Now I keep asking myself what was I thinking about. Even their list of services looks weird. My paper was messed up so badly even three revisions didn't help. On sending me the same file over again they told me I couldn't articulate the task properly.


The only thing I can thank them for is overall writing of my paper. Other things with them, moments of co-working, they were awful. I regret relying on a resource that much.


Placing my order here I committed a sever, dreadful mistake. But also it was the experience that taught me how to behave in such situations and how to make people understand they are going to pay for their mistakes.


Two points because I like brillassignment. Zero points because they do not know how to write. Even after the first revision of the finished paper, I was not satisfied with its quality, nor with its general look. Please, go find another place that would be able to help you anyhow.


The only reason they have 3 for their pricing is the discount that I was given for my first order. Not such a professional writing, not such a great support and definitely not enough skilled writer that was finishing my book report. Yet, the person that was making up the video presentation seems to be more informed about the professional approach while working with clients.


The work with didn`t turn out as the best one for me as for a student.


Looks like there are a lot of different writing features, but when you come to face with them - they turn out to be weak and more like fake. It is actually expensive. $600 for 17 pages in less than a week- completely inappropriate! Want to waste your money on something?


If the writer is not lazy and delivers good papers than you're good. But more often the papers are not so smooth. They do not do anything about it. The support is not efficient.

Brielle: has to got to be the worst writing service that I have ever come across. Already their prices were too high and, as if that wasn’t enough, they even delayed my essay. I ended up getting a D- for my book review. Stay away from this company. Scam!