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Assignmentace services include an assignment, essay, coursework, dissertation, and so on. However, these different types of services offered by them cannot help you. They are very bad in quality. it shows that the company writers are not qualified. They will disappoint you. Besides, after submission, no revision is offered by them.

For Students:

Their work is plagiarized and stolen. Students cannot use plagiarized work at their universities. Assignmentace does not use Turnitin for plagiarism checking. They use some cheap software.


Economically, they are also the worst. They charge you in hundred of dollars for the services which are incomplete and irrelevant to your prescription. Also, no discount is offered by them to you. They only loot you.

Customer Support

If the customer care staff of any company is bad, you should not try to use their services. Past customers of this firm have complained that they faced threatening and abusive language from them when they demanded refund and revision. This is a cheater company.


Overall we do not recommend assignmentace for writings. They are scammers and use fake physical addresses with UK based locations. In reality, they are operating illegally from some remote areas of India.


Its practices and activities seem fake. They are scammers. So not try to avail of their services even if they offer free of cost.

User Reviews

SCAM SCAM SCAM DONT TRY AS YOU GONNA END UP UPSET WITH YOURSELF: I already report this website as it’s not trusted I’m still waiting for my refund I hope it gets fined for the amount of scams.

By miss

It is just a SCAM! I have emailed them and tried to contact them for days but they are not communicating effectively. They have completely missed my deadline and have apparently started the refund process but they cannot provide proof for it. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!

By Sara Shekarchi

£230 down the drain company can’t be…£230 down the drain company can’t be trusted. Extremely poor customer service. Orders not completed asked for a refund no reply just do it yourself not worth the risk.

By Man’naruto

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, I have been struggling really badly with assignments. I took very a bad decision to trust assignment ace!! they are definitely not available 24/7 so that definitely false advertising!! now they haven't done my assignment nor are they responding to my emails or WhatsApp messages. I am very disappointed and I want a full refund! but there is no one to contact!! my assignment is due tomorrow and now I will fail my module which will affect my overall grade as I am in my final year! definitely don't recommend this service!!

By noname

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Everything is awful with this writing resource. First, it is their inability to communicate with you like normal people. Somehow, they believe they are elites or I don`t know what, but the dignity they show is disgusting. Even though their writer who was writing my paper didn`t seem too educated, they behaved like he was the top and the best of the best to find anywhere. Not impressive at all.


The speed of their work is beyond describable. My non-urgent order of 8 days wasn`t finished on time. For the delay they said completely nothing. The only thing that they had commented was my not fully completed order list. According to them I should have provided them with more information, like give the list of terms, what study materials they should use etc. I believe each of you would come up with a question: if I`m ought to do that all myself, why would I need any help from a writing resource?


"Awful assignmentace writing service to rely on. Even if you order premium services for extra price, just like I did, you still would be lost with your paper. A huge minus is that they aren`t providing you with any kind of a direct communication with a writer. Primarily, you stay in the dark until your order is fully ready. Yet, until you pay the whole amount they won`t sent it to you. Not worthy trying."


Don`t think that means that you`ll get your order the same day. They didn`t manage to meet the deadline and my professor refused to accept the task. Still no discounts in the end.


Good prices, lower than average on the market. But the work they does n`t worthy at all. Too many mistakes and typos which they don`t even bother to correct.


I had just another boring and not urgent assignment that I didn't want to do on my own. Turned out didn't want either. They missed the deadline and sent me a paper that lacked references to the sources I asked them to use!


The article I received from this service was average, but they didn't respect the deadline. I failed to hand in my assignment. Maybe it was just bad luck, but I wouldn't use their services for an important paper. They have some good writers but be aware that they may deliver your paper later than needed.


Unprofessional, expensive, with not enough educated writers and without any idea of the meaning of a word Professional - has deeply and unpleasantly surprised me! I would highly recommend you to stay away from them! Nothing but an unpleasant outcome is waiting for you.


They are expensive and they do not do anything to get better with their pricing. Even though they establish that they owe a discount each of their clients, they completely forget about it when you place your order. My order was a case study with a regular deadline of 10 days. Nothing impressive - simple paper with simple writing. At least, they didn`t forget to add bibliography and summary page.


This resource is my biggest disappointment in this year. Awful writers who write awful papers for big money. How come I got so fulled by their support team member who was lying to me about the quality and tried to assure all will be ready on time. Do not recommend to anyone. Never use Assignmentace!