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It is stated by answer shark that “Get Homework Help from Sharp-Toothed Writers.” This is not true as their writers are unqualified. To reveal the truth about this company we are going to review them.


Answer shark offers essay, assignment, dissertation, essay and so on. The vast list of their services can not escape you from failure because the quality of their writing is worst. They will get you with fake and frauds writings. They cannot meet your academic requirements.

For Students:

Students will not find any benefit from answer shark. They say that “Our writers can deal with any paper type and any deadline date! We aren't afraid of challenges!” But they cannot deliver an order on time. Mostly, their order is delayed. So, despite long waiting, they will disappoint you.


To know the prices of answer shark, you will provide email discussion. Yet they are shark and eat all of your money. Besides, they have set hidden charges and charge you without letting you know. Thus, avoid them at all cost.

Customer Support

Customer care services of answer shark are not good despite stating on site that “Apply to us whenever you want. We’re always swimming around. 24/7 homework help online.” Their agents are stubborn and sluggish in response. They are impolite when it comes to demanding refund since they are working with a fake refund policy.


Overall, it is concluded that answer shark is a fraud company and looting innocent clients with fake services. Their location address is also not available on the site. Besides, they threaten clients to contact university when it is requested for a refund. we do not recommend them.


Answershark does not get any patronage from us due to their scams.



Smith: service is not terrible, but I see no reason to use it. Prices here are far from the lowest, but the quality of work is very low.

Gavril: are not pocket-friendly for the students. They are charging very high which is not possible for a student to pay. If they offer any concession that is only a few dollars. The writers are using multiple tricks to trap students. This company is not for students.


The recommendation letter Answershark structure never meets the requirements of the customers as the writers use to repeat the styles of the resume from totally different sites. They add professional information that is copied from different websites like “how to style your recommendation letter”. They are not making plagiarism-free content.