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Another company which use writing label while its site server IP address could not be found is known as an academiclab. You should not be fooled by this fraud and fake company. We are going to review them.


Services of academiclab are not known because you cannot access their site. Besides, no past customers reviews are available to tell you about the services list of the company. This is not a legit writing company.

For Students:

Students are urged to move on and find some other writing business which is real and legit. This company will just waste your time and money.


The prices of this firm are not known but its site is insecure. So, any kind of activity on this site may prove harmful for your bank account.

Customer Support

There are no customer care services available on the official site of academiclab because it is not openable.


We do not recommend academiclab for the reasons that this is not a writing company. This is not safe for you.


They do not deserve any kind of patronage. We give them 0 out of 5 ratings.




Terrible quality for assignments. My assignment was completed late and received a failing grade. After an entire month of going back and forth with their customer service reps, I still have not received a refund for the poor service and incomplete job. Please stay away from


The Academiclab is an online company but their quality of assignments are poor. They are poorly not efficient to give your quality enhancement product that you can show your professor proudly.

Asenka: website, from top to bottom is filled with fake promises, falsity and plagiarism. Don’t be fooled by their words.