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Academicexpertonline is fake and fraud website. Its site is unreachable. It is said that the following server IP address could not be found. We are going to review them.


You cannot find any writing services regarding academicexpertonline nor they possess any expert writer. Even, they have never been used for writings by anyone. You should also keep a distance from them.

For Students:

It is said that students will not get any benefit from academicexpertonline because the company based on a fake site.


On the left side of your internet browser you will find an insecure option concerning academicexpertonline so do not enter your debit card details on their site because your bank account may be hacked by them.

Customer Support

As the site of this company is fake it is hard to find their customer care support services. Keep distance from this fraud company.


Academicexpertonline is a fraud company. They do not have any kind of writing materials for students. You are advised to never even visit their site. We do not recommend them.


Academicexpertonline is fraud company so it does not deserve a single point of ratings.



Sudhakar: is an online company for students’ professional help in academic purposes. But they have selfish writers who are not taking their profession seriously. They make grammatical mistakes and spelling errors are true evidence of their poor qualification. They are not writing their own words rather copying from different sources.


They are showing excellent services on their website but the ground reality is that don't even touch the little of your expectations. You should be highly selective when you are concerned about your career.


Academicexpertsonline IS THE WORST SERVICE EVER. 1/10 !!! They did not provide the results to my stats questions, fobbed me off.