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1ws claims that they are the first writing service. But they are not first but last because of the services which they provide. They do not care for your academic requirements and dispatch irrelevant materials. in the following we are going to review them.


Essay, dissertation, term paper, coursework, research paper, personal statement, business writings etc. are their services. However, 1ws does not have qualified writers. They hire freelancers who do not have any experience in their writings. They use pirated materials which is an intellectual crime. They do not use Turnitin. They use some cheap software.

For Students:

1ws sates that they will keep your detail and order confidential but this is not true because they resell papers and also threaten you to contact university when requested for a refund. So, they will expose you to your university. Therefore, keep a distance from them.


If you want to get your paper in 3 hours 1ws will demand 41 dollars which are not affordable for services which are poor in quality. Moreover, they do not have discounts offers.

Customer Support

1ws claims that their customer care team is available “24/7 and works around the clock so you do not have to.” There is no reality in this because they tell false for traping you. Besides, their agents use fake Facebook profiles for contacting students to trap them. Therefore, we do not support them.


Overall, we do not recommend 1ws because they do not work with physical existence. They function from some far area of India, virtually. Moreover, they do not give a revision after order submission.


1ws is a fake company, therefore, deserve 1 point out of 5.




Please google team block this website is doing fraud...please students be careful I have so badly experience and I have wasted my time and money on it was a very bad service please be aware.


Whatever work do its all wrong they are just thiefs that dont care about the courseworks that they do, for example I ordered operational management and evidence based management answers and when I got the results I thought they were all correct and it looked like the answers do really make sense but my lecturer then told me that they are all absolutely wrong.

Kalevi: is copying the data from other websites. The originality of the content is the uniqueness of your paper. If it is not maintained then please don’t select such kind of services who are playing with your life.