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After visiting 1clickdissertation website, they may catch your attention. There is a big statement on their site such as “You Have A Simple Solution…1 Click Dissertation! Our Professional Dissertation Writing Service Can Assist You Complete The Grade - Wining Task… Guaranteed”. However, there is no fact in this statement. They have been reported for frauds.


According to the official site of 1clickdissertation, almost all kind of services is available. The subject includes sociology, statistics, psychology, marketing etc. Moreover, they claim to provide free delivery and unlimited revision. However, this is a fake claim because their delivery is often delayed and no revision available after submission.

For Students:

For students 1clickdessertation states on sites that “Good Dissertation Task Requires: Best writing skills, Excellent research expertise, knowledge to collect reliable and relevant data, Data analysis and interpretation skills, Presentation skills, and Substantial amount of time”. But do not be fool by their claims and frauds. Their writers are uneducated and do not provide the best quality writings. They claim that their writers are UK expert but their English is not of native English speakers as it contains slung words and colloquialism. Moreover, they are involved in piracy. They do not use Turnitin. They use some cheap software.


They have three different kinds of rates based on standard package, premium and platinum as well based on a deadline. The standard writer they claim to have the 1-year experience, premium 3 years and platinum 5 years. This is not true. Their writers are unqualified and cannot meet your academic requirements.

Customer Support

Regarding customer care services, 1clickdessertation is waste of time. There is no statement about their customer care services. Besides, only live chat option is given for chat which is not enough mean of communication.


Overall, 1clickdissertation is a fraud company. We thoroughly check their website and did not find their physical location address but they claim their slaves as UK based company. This is not true because they work from some far area of India. Therefore, we do not recommend them.


Overall, 1clickdissertation does not deserve a single point of rating because of their fraud and scams.



I wish i could choose 0 star. Don’t choose it. It’s biggest scam. Two problems in same day. have the worst customer service ever. They don’t reply you when you go with issues. But at the time of payment, they keep calling and texting you. Just don’t choose. They haven’t refunded my money yet.


Sadly, is not powerful enough to write something by themselves. But they are best to steal others content and use in customers’ documents.


The price of one paper is very high. The basic price at 1clickdissertation website is $125 which is not affordable for you. The quality of the product does not match the prices maintained. Your satisfaction is your confidence. So please be wise while you are choosing something for your professional life.